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Cool Top Toons

Here is the show I already have. If you wanted some special cartoons please read the disclamer on the front part of the NSU or email me the ones your looking for something special. :)

Flash Gordon


Here is cool cartoon from the 1979. Aired in 1980's. This cartoon made by Filmation Studio With King Features 1979. My top faviort cartoon from the 80's. Aired in 1981. I have grown to love.. It was J.Blackstar on a alien Planet to save Sagar from the Evil Overlord. This cartoon made by Filmation Studio in 1980.

Filmation Ghostbuster

Dungeons & Dragons

Hay take a look! Another 80's ! Aired in 1986. This cartoon made by Filmation Studios 1985. Here is another 80's cartoon. Aired in 1986. Great Adventures, I Have all the shows here.. This cartoon made by Marvel/D&D Ent. 1985.


Sailor Moon

This was This was my other faviort Cool cartoon made in 1994 to 1996. This cartoon made by Disney. This Hot This Hot Item of the 1990's to 2000's Is Sailor Moon tranlated in English for the USA.


Cool Filmation Toons

Over 41 Filmation Toons listing over the years.. :)

1.Adventures of Batman (Filmation/CBS-TV 1969)
2.Adventures of Superboy (Filmation/CBS-TV 1966)
3.Adventures of Superman (Filmation/CBS-TV 1966)
4.Aquaman (Filmation/CBS-TV 1968)
5.Archie Show (Filmation/CBS-TV 1968)
6.Archie's TV Funnies (Filmation/CBS-TV 1971)

7.Blackstar (Filmation/CBS-TV 1981)
8.Brady Kids (Filmation/ABC-TV 1972)
9.Bravestarr (Filmation-TV 1987 )
10.Fabulous Funnies (Filmation/NBC-TV 1978)
11.Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids (Filmation/CBS-TV 1972)
12.Filmation Ghostbuster (Filmation-TV 1986)

13.Fraidy Cat (Filmation-TV 1975 )
14.Freedom Force (Filmation/CBS-TV 1978 )
15.Gilligan's Planet (Filmation CBS-TV 1982)
16.Gilligan's New Adventures (Filmation-TV 1982)
17.Groovie Goolies (Filmation/CBS-TV 1971)
18.Groovie Goolies and Friends (Filmation-TV 1978)

19.Hardy Boys (Filmation/ABC-TV 1969)
20.Hero High(Filmation-TV 1970)
21.HeMan and the Masters of the Universe (Filmation-TV 1985)
22.Journey to the Center of the Earth (Filmation/ABC-TV 1967)

23.Lone Ranger "Team up with Tarzan" (Filmation/CBS-TV 1979)
24.Lassie's Rescue Rangers (Filmation/Lassie Television/ABC-TV 1973)

25.Mission: Magic (Filmation/ABC-TV 1973)
26.My Favorite Martians (Filmation/CBS-TV 1973)
27.New Adventures of Batman (Filmation/CBS-TV 1977)
28.New Adventures of Heckle & Jeckle/Quackula (Filmation/CBS-TV 1979)
29.New Adventures of Mighty Mouse (Filmation/CBS-TV 1979)
30.New Adventures of Tom & Jerry with Droopy (Filmation-TV 1980)

31.Sabrina(Filmation-TV 1969)
32.Shazam! (Filmation-TV 1979)
33.Shazam! Kid Super Power Hour (Filmation/NBC-TV 1981)

34.She-Ra: Princess Of Power (Filmation-TV 1985)
35.Space Sentinels (Filmation/NBC-TV 1977)
36.Sport Billy (Filmation/NBC-TV 1982)
37.Star Trek (Filmation/NBC-TV 1973)

38.Tarzan "Team Up with LoneRanger & Zorro and also the Sentinels" (Filmation/CBS-TV 1979 -1980)
39.Wacky and Packy (Filmation-TV 1975)
40.Waldo Kitty (Filmation-TV 1975)
41.Zorro "Team up with Tarzan" (Filmation/CBS-TV 1979-1980)


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