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Update: Febuary 2004 

Here is another list of the cool cartoon from Filmation! Well, I have here is the list of the cartoons all 28 episodes of them.. I have only a few that is marked.. But love to get them all.. :)

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1. Banish That Banshee                 15. Laser and Future Rock
2. Train To Doom-De-Doom-Doom    16. Eddie Takes Charge
3. The Great ghost Gorilla              17. Maze Caves
4. Father Knows Beast                   18. Second Chance
5. Dynamite Dinosaurs                   19. Outlaw, In-Laws
6. I'll Be the Son Of A Ghostbuster   20. Really Roughing It
7. Fright Of The Roundtable            21. No Mo's Snow      
8. No Pharoah At All                      22. Belfry Leads The Way  
9.  Secret Of Mastodon Valley         23. Battle For Ghost Command  
10. Ones Who Saved The Future      24. Cyman's Revenge
11. RollerGhoster                         25. Statue Of Liberty                 
12. Our Buddy Fuddy                        26. Headless Horseman Caper
13. Haunting Of Gizmo                      27. Curse Of Gloom
14. Mummy Dearest                          28. Race Around the World  

Voice Casting Characters:

Jake - Pat Fraley  
Eddie - Peter Cullen  
Jessica - Susan Blu  

Tracy -  
Belfry the bat - Susan Blu  
Brat-a-Rat -  
Fib-Face -  

Futura - Susan Blu  
Fangster -  
Haunter -  

Prime Evil - Alan Oppenheimer  
Mysteria - Linda Gary  

Scared Stiff -


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