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Update: Febuary 2004


  Here is the list of the cool cartoon from Filmation! There is 16 episodes for the 1st Seasons & 16 episodes for 2nd Seasons. Sadly I only got few of them that is marked, The one mark in Red &  Dr.Green that say Chapters have 3 episodes in them the one is mark Lt.green & Lt.Blue is a single vols. I do remember the list very well. You can see they are mark for each set on the tapes. That I have now.. the rest that is not marked is the ones I do not have.


1st Season episodes 30mins.

1.  Planet In Peril Chapter 1
2.  Monsters Of Mongo*
3.  Vultan, king of the Hawkmen*
4.  To Save Earth Chapter2
5.  The Beastman's Prey*vol 5
6.  Into The Water*
7.  Adventure In Arboria*Chapter3
8.  Frozen world*vol 8
9.  Monster Of Glacier*
10. Blue Magic Chapter4
11. King Flash!*vol 11
12. Ming's Tournament Of Death*
13. Castaways In Tropica *vol13
14. Desert Hawk*
15. Revolt Of The Power Men*
16. Ming's Last Battle*







2nd season episodes 15 mins.

Battles The Galactic Forces Of Evil
Chapter 1
1.  Gremlin the Dragon
2.  Memory Bank Of Ming
3.  Survival Game
4.  The Warrior
5.  The Game
Space Adventurer
Chapter 2
6.  Freedom Balloon
7.  Deadly Double
8.  Beware Of Gifts
9.  Gremlin's Finest Hours
10. The Seed
Title Name Unknown Have not got tape
Chapter 3
11.  Flash Back
12.  Sir Gremlin
13.  Witch Woman
14.  Micro Menace
15.  Sacrifice Of The Volcano Men
16.  Royal Wedding


Voice Casting Characters.

Flash Gordon---Bob Ridgely
Dale Arden---Diane Pershing
Dr.Hans Zarkov--Alan Oppenheimer
King Voltan--Allan Melvin
Thun(Lion man)--Allan Melvin
Prince Baron--
Princess Aura--Melendy Britt
Lord Ming(Merciless) Alan Oppenheimer


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