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Update: February 2004

There was only 27 episodes!

1.  The Night Of No tomorrow (Poor picture but great to watch)
2.  The Eyes Of The Beholder
3.  The Hall Of Bones
4.  Valley Of The Unicorns
5.  In Search Of Dungeon Master
6.  Beauty And The Bogbeast
7.  Prison Without Walls
8.  Servant Of Evil
9.  Quest Of The Skeleton Warrior
10. The Garden Of Zinn
11. The Box
12. The Lost Children
13.  P-R-E-S-T-O Spells Disaster
14. Girl Who Dreamed Tomorrow
15. The Treasure Of Tardos
16. City At The Edge Of Midnight
17. The Traitor
18. Day Of The Dungeon Master
19. The Last Illusion
20. The Dragon's Graveyard
21. Child Of The Stargazer
22. Dungeon At The Heart Of dawn
23. Odyssey Of The 12th Talisman
24. The Winds Of Darkness
25. Cave Of The Fairies Dragons
26. The Lost Time (don't know if that was the right name)
27. Citadel Of Shadow (Not a very good picture but great to watch)





Voice Casting Characters:

Hank----Willie Aames
Eric------Donny Most
Presto--Adam Rich
Sheila---Katie Leigh
Diana---Tony Gale Smith
Bobby--Ted Field III
Dungeon Master----Sidney Miller
Venger-----Peter Cullen

Uni (the Unicorn)--Frank Welker


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