Update: February 2004

   Here is the list Of the Alsome cool cartoons of Gargoyles I got from the travels and from Friends gave to me.The Gargoyles cartoons have 65 episodes. I also have the Goliath Chronicles and it have 13 episodes.. that was the rest of the episodes and the total is 78 episodes.

Here is the list from the First season show..
part 1-5 Awakening
part 6 Thrill of the Hunt
part 7 Temptation
part 8 Deadly Force
part 9 Inter MacBeth
part 10 The Edge
part 11 Long Way to Morning
part 12 My Brother's Keeper
part 13 Reawakening
    Here is the second season show part A and B .. It have been split into two seconds but in the same seasons. But I got some of them from friends while I did some searching for the shows and it was not easy either.. Aiken South Carolina will not show Gargoyles no more even if I have to get the other ones in North Augusta Georga.. Aiken Suck!!! No Really it does...
part 14  Leader of the Pack
part 15  Metamorphisis
part 16  Legion
part 17  Lighthouse in a Sea of time
part 18  The Mirror
part 19  The Silver Falcon
part 20  Eye of the Beholder
part 21  Vows
part 22- 25 The City of Stone
part 26  High Noon
part 27  Out Fox
part 28  Revelations
part 29  Double Jeopardy
part 30  Upgrade
part 31  Protection
part 32  The Cage
part 33  The Price  
part 34-36  Avalon
part 37  Shadow of the past
part 38  Heritage
part 39  Kingdom
part 40  Monsters
part 41  Golem
part 42  Sanctuary
part 43  MIA
part 44  Grief
part 45  The Hound of Ulster
part 46  Walkabout
part 47  Mark of the Panther
part 48  Pendragon
part 49  Eye of the Storm
part 50  The New Olympians
part 51  Green
part 52  Sentinel
part 53  Bushido
part 54  Cloud Fathers
part 55  I'll Met by Moonlight
part 56  Future Tense
part 57-58 The Gathering
part 59  Vandettas
part 60  Turf
part 61  Reckoning
part 62  Possession
part 63-65 Hunters Moon


Here is the third season shows of Gargoyles I have gotten in Georga..
The Goliath Chronicles
part 66  Journey
part 67  Runaways
part 68  Broadway Goes To Hollywood
part 69  Ransom
part 70  To Serve Mankind
part 71  Generations
part 72  A Bronx Tail
part 73  And Justice For All
part 74  The Dying of the Light
part 75  ...For It May Come True
part 76  Genesis Undone
part 77  Seeing Isn't Believing
part 78  Angels In The Night


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