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Update : October 2004 - January 2005

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Blackstar (1981) Filmation Cartoon Series - John Blackstar, Astronaut, is sent through a black hole... Remember this great cartoon with the all the Trobbits, Mara the Sorceress, Klone, A shapeshifter and could change into any animal on planet Sagar. And the dreaded Overlord, Master of the Planet of Sagar, With His dreaded powerful Powerstar sword.

This series was a great Sci-Fi Cartoon. Lots of action and fun with Blackstar and the Trobbits. It will have episode listed on the Cover. No Reserve. Episode quality is from very good to fine.

Here is the name of the Characters with Actors/Actoress if you do know the other actors/actoress please let me know.



Balkar Patrick Pinney
Burble Frank Welker
Carpo Alan Oppenheimer
Gossemear Frank Welker
Rif Frank Welker
Terra Patrick Pinney
Poulo Unknown Actor/Actoress
John Blackstar George DiCenzo
Klone Patrick Pinney
Lady Mara Linda Gary
Overlord Alan Oppenheimer
Vizir Unknown Actor/Actoress
Katana Unknown Actor/Actoress
Amber Unknown Actor/Actoress
Princess Taleena Unknown Actor/Actoress
Thor Unknown Actor/Actoress
Queen Brendle Unknown Actor/Actoress
Puffin Unknown Actor/Actoress
Emerald Knight Unknown Actor/Actoress
Time Lord Kadray Unknown Actor/Actoress
King Neptul Unknown Actor/Actoress
Shardarmar Unknown Actor/Actoress
Prince Dal Unknown Actor/Actoress
Princess Luwena Unknown Actor/Actoress

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If you are looking for Storyboards there is about 13 Storyboards each cost about $70.00 each. Here is a name list avable mark in RED:

  1. City of the Ancient Ones Now Avaible!
  2. Search Of The Starsword
  3. Lord Of Time
  4. Mermaid Of Searpent Sea
  5. The Quest Now Avaible!
  6. Spacewreck Now Avaible!
  7. Lighting City Of The Clouds
  8. Kingdom Of Neptul
  9. Tree Of Evil Now Avaible!
  10. Airwhale Of Anchor
  11. Overlord's Big Spell Now Avaible!
  12. Crown Of The Sorceress Now Avaible!
  13. ZombieMaster Now Avaible!

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I also have All 13 Cartoon VideosEpsiodes on Two VHS Tapes both together cost about $65.00. If you wanted some FREE Stuff There will be a Intro of the show that you will have but you have to head to Night Stone Unlimited Music Videos There You will see two intros of the started piont of Blackstar. Yes! Its Free to download.. There will be more coming up on the site very soon.. Got some question about this file please email me.

Episodes include:

  1. Tape 1
    1. Search Of The Starsword
    2. The Lord Of Time
    3. The Quest
    4. Kingdom Of Neptul
    5. Tree Of Evil
    6. The Crown Of The Sorceress
    7. The Mermaid Of The Serpent Sea
    8. Lighting City Of The Clouds
    9. Air Whales Of Anchor
  2. Tape 2
    1. City of the Ancient Ones
    2. Spacewrecked
    3. The Overlord's Big Spell
    4. The Zombie Masters

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All Volumes are believed to be in the public domain and traded collector to collector only with no rights given or implied.

Cost of the Rare Cartoons is $65.00, New Low cost! The Rare Storybords cost is $70.00 each. Buyer pays priority shipping and handling delivery all over the world. Prices ranges from (USA-United States $7.50),(Canada $9.50),(Mexico $11.00),(Alaska$9.50),(Hawaii $11.00), (Europe $21.00),(Asia $26.00) If any other question just email me please. With payment by Postal money order Only, It will be there within 5-7 days up to a month all depends where you live at. Sorry No Personal checks. Please email me if you wanted the cartoons.

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Sorry, I do not have any Animation cels available for sell.

If You Needed More Information head to Night Stone Unlimited for more Pictures and Artworks or you can head to other links I have listed here. Blackstar Demona May's Art Gallery My Art work I have done just for fun times. Blackstar Toon Picture Gallery This part of the site have only Pictures clips of the show.

Special Thanks to Granamyr of Big Idea Productions for the Episode Synopsis.
Blackstar Synopsis Episodes List Guide By L.E. Granamyr.
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