Name: NSU-DemonaMay-SketchArt Date: 2002 beyond! Here is all My real sketches. I do not trace!! If you think I do well you have to be very dumb! Warning some of these Sketches may contain nudity!!!.. Some Contain Disney Or other Characters Which is not mine characters, But I have drawn them are Listed On this gallery I have done..

BuddaHoldingCharm-Sketch-01.jpg ~~~March 11th 2003 DemonaMay-AAAHA-BW-Sketch-A1.jpg ~~~October 24th 2002 DemonaMay-SketchArt.jpg ~~~July 6th 2002 Demona-SketchArt.jpg ~~~July 1st 2002 DragonLizard-SketchArt.jpg ~~~July 3rd 2002 ElvenLady-SketchArt.jpg ~~~July 4th 2002 Gabinu-M&F-Stage1-SketchArt.jpg ~~~July 2002 Gabinu-M&F-Stage2-SketchArt.jpg ~~~July 2002 KravexAndSerpentina-SketchArt.jpg ~~~ February 2003 IvaAndGabriel-SketchArt.jpg ~~June 7th 2002 Locksley-SketchArt01.jpg ~~~August 6th,2002 NNF-Locksley-SketchArt1A.jpg ~~~August 7th,2002 NNF-Reno-SketchArt.jpg ~~~July 2002 Stitch-SketchArt.jpg ~~~July 5th 2002 TorgGarth-SketchArt.jpg ~~~July 2nd 2002
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