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Update:  September  2012

  HI YA! My name is Margaret Demona May Stephens.. Yea that is my real name..

  There isn't much to say about me but I have been drawing for a long time way back in the early 1970's.. As this time moment I'm still working on this web site..

  I know you guys wanted to know more about me.
But give me time I will work out the kinks out from my web site..
But I will give everyone this note..
My Web Site Is not a business web site. Its made for fun use only..


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  If you wanted me to design your site you have to make sure that you got your own web host.. I will not be placing you stuff on any sites unless you gave me the site and have nothing to do with it.. I do Trading alot I get things that I needed .. All my artwork on this site IS NOT FOR SALE! Unless I'm at the Gathering selling my stuff. My artwork will be very rare to have a Original piece... My artwork is part of my soul.. I hate selling my pieces unless ask..

  If really want to know about me well here is goes. I live here in Aiken, South Carolina with my crazy critters.. I have One weird Male Tabby cat name Oliver Benjamin Died year 2010 , Female Gray and White Tabby Cat Name Tarra Anna_Hope died year 2011, and Two very cute little doggies one is a Mini Pin name (M) Houdini John Blackstar Died year 2012 and other one is a Chihuahua name (M) Munchie Boy Cannon Died year 2009 and One Pet Rat (M) Name is Knight Rider AKA Michael Knight sometime I call him Kitt Thats his nickname. (Bad news Michael die On May 2005 he was a old and die in his sleep I still miss him very much there was no other good rat like him.) Now I have a new Pet Rat female Name Vallina Hershey    Right now I have only one Goose Names Oggie. two others die in the year 2008 name BlueEyes And Emerald. I Also have two live Snakes (Two California Albino King Snakes) One Name Arrow Head(M) and the other Name Spot(F) One die in the year 2008 name Slick(F) Black Rat Snake. Cornelius (M) also die (Corn Snake) And Slip Stream(M) Gray Rat Snake And Copper(F) Copper Gray Rat Snake. Four Muscovy Ducks (name Drake, ElBlonco Uno,Hansome, and Brave) Booger(F) My Best Favorite Muscovy Duck Die January 07 , And Doedee(F) Die 2008. Four Bob White Quails. (name Archie, Betty Lou, Two other have not been name yet.) Now die in the year 2008. Also A PacMan Frog Female Name Gloria now die 2008 .  Sad even if I have them but thing when bad on me durning that year of 08'. Yea I'm about to have a zoo in my back yard.. ~~Update news,  I do have new Chickens Three or them, Now have Names Is Moe, Larry and Curly Now die in that year of 08' .~~


  My favorite color is Purple, Black, Gray, White and sometime Red.

  I'm 5'5" and have deep alburn red hair and greenish color eyes if I tell you how old I was you wouldn't believe me.. I weigh about 160lb but I don't look it because I move around all the time..

  My favorite stuff, I love to do Some things But if there is nothing to do I just watch some TV, Unless there is something to watch on.. A Even Going on line taking to some friends. or listening some Hard rock metal or what every kinds of Music I'm in the mood for. Sometimes A Even Going out to some place rather than hanging in the house and going nuts or insane.. Of corse Aiken Is not a fun place to be at..

  My dislike and Likes, I hate someone telling me that I'm not good at anything or even when they say that I can't do it at all. They don't know me unless they give me a chance to know me.. The worst of all is when they wanted me to give them a break.. Yea I will give them a break.. If you don't like what I'm doing you shouldn't ask me about form of situation. What I like about it when other is willing to help me out and I give them what they wanted in return. But I always love to help out with my Favorite conventions which that is the Gathering.

  My top favor is, I have been doing artwork for a very long time I even help out my Uncle while doing some cartoons in the early 1980's I got hook on one cartoons that I really love the most when I was in my teens.. The cartoon call "Blackstar" It was aired on CBS in the 1981 ,but it didn't last very long. But I do have all 13 Episodes of Blackstar.. Right Now I still love my Gargoyles always and forever.. I have been into Gargoyles long before there was a Movie of Gargoyles in the 1974 and the new version from Greg Weisman Gargoyles 1994 or is it 1995. I never saw the show until it was shown at my place in the late 1995.. Don't ask me why but thats what happen when you wanted to live here in Aiken, SC. there slow when it comes to New Cartoons. Okay I guess I have say enough. But If you guys like to talk to me Hay your more welcome to do that..

  But there will be new stuff coming and I don't know when..

  Soo enjoy the stuff I have gotten..


PS: I'm about to go insane if my kid stop bring home critters for me to take care of.. :P

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